Home buyers have online access to a massive amount of information about real estate –properties for sale, financing, statistics, do’s and don’ts, ratings, and more.  Some of this information is accurate, much of it is not; some is needed, some is not.  The challenge is to distill all this information down to actually finding and buying – at the best price and terms — the home that best suits your needs.  It makes sense to hire the best possible agent to help you.

Communication — As your agent, our first job is to thoroughly understand your buying needs.  With those in mind, We’ll use our comprehensive knowledge of the market to help you sort through and prioritize all your buying possibilities.  At all times you have our objective input – including what we see as the positives and negatives of each consideration.

Experience and Expertise — Real estate transactions are complex, and each situation is unique.  We have many years experience with every kind of residential property there is, and we’ve turned our experience into expertise by continually learning.  We apply our expertise to the job of helping you navigate the market and meet your buying goals.

Personal Diligence — With you or on your behalf, and for as long as it takes, we will assess all prospective homes in person.  Then, with you, we will carefully evaluate all the possibilities.  The result is that when you make the offer on your new home you will thoroughly understand the current market and the context of your offered price — making yours a realistic and stronger offer.

Contracts, Disclosures, and Negotiation — Real estate contracts have become more complex than ever before.  We have a thorough understanding of these documents and how to use them to best negotiate your sale.  More on this . . .

Ongoing Assistance — We continue to give you our full, personal service throughout escrow, attending all home inspections as well as meetings with escrow officers, lenders, notaries, and other third parties, as desired.


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